Laura Homan Lacey

Pete Ortiz

Sgt Bill Sams, 15th Marine Regiment, Sixth Marine Division, with his gun crew on Okinawa


Ortiz: To Live a Man's Life [hardcover]
Hero is a term not used lightly amoung the warrior class of the French Foreign Legion nor amoung the US Marines and even less in the company of Americas's first formal spy organization, the OSS.

That one remarkable individual could have been a member of all three is almost unbelievable. Peter Ortiz was just such a man.

Stay Off the Skyline: The Sixth Marine Division on Okinawa, An Oral History [paperback]
The Sixth Marine Division holds a unique place in U.S.M.C. History, because it was retired after one great battle. This book tells the story of Marines in their own words. Lacey considers the gritty details of close quarters combat and considers the myriad physical and psychological wounds that war wreaks.

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